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Selenium contamination of freshwater ecosystems

Read about Dr. Brant's research on how selenium moves through food webs.

How to count Chinstrap penguins in Antarctica?

Dr. Witharana and colleagues used images from drones and satellites to determine which colonies increased or decreased in the 1980s.

Monitoring New England Cottontails

How many pellets? How many patches? WHICH patches? Dr. Chadwich Rittenhouse uses structured decision making to describe the importance of sampling decisions when the occupied sites of a rare cottontail have declined by 50% in the last decade.

Best Presentation at TWS

Congratulations to Andrew Stillman, a PhD student in EEB, for best student paper at The Wildlife Society Conference

Multiple stressors and Polar Bear health

Cytokines, TINY immune-signaling proteins, can be used to assess the health of polar bears, the LARGEST living bear species.

Congrats to Dr. Anita Morzillo!

Dr. Morzillo was promoted from Assistant to Associate Professor. Many virtual meetings with Anita as we celebrate her awesome accomplishment.

Evaluating management units with genetic tools

Dr. Nathan found that patch area and catchment area were the best predictors of Brook Trout genetic diversity

Are songbirds OK when Japanese Barberry covers the forest floor?

Dr. Seewagen published a paper showing that Ovenbirds were in similar physiological condition in forest with and without Japanese barberry.

CCNR canceled due to COVID

No F2F meeting with colleagues this March. See you at the 2021 conference.

Subdivision for conservation?

PhD student Mauri Liberati published a paper in Landscape and Urban Planning.

Rattlesnake research

People’s attitudes towards rattlesnakes on their property are influenced by individual perceptions of wildlife, as well as knowledge about and previous experiences with rattlesnakes. Congrats to Lindsay Keener-Eck, MS student, and Dr. Anita Morzillo for two papers published in the same week.

Megalab Meeting

Friday February 21st

Megan Upp finds Spotfin Killifish

Join us at MS thesis defense on Nov 22nd at 9am
Spot Fin Killifish  Can you spot one?

Congrats, Mike!

Alumni Mike Evans wins Best Student Presentation Award at national The Wildlife Society conference.

Conservation planning for the 21st century

Advancing conservation in constrained landscapes

Interactive results of CT Black Bear study

Real data in a spatial, interactive storymap